Windows 7 Activation Key to Resolve and Online Support

Windows 7 activation key or windows 7 product key is usually located on a white sticker on the back, bottom, or on top of your computer. It can also be inside the operating system CD sleeve or in the software manual.

During installation of windows 7 operating system on your computer, windows setup will prompt you for windows 7 activation key. Once you provide the correct key and it is verified by the computer, the key is stored in the operating system’s registry in an encrypted form known as DigitalproductID. The Digital product ID is a unique identifier of windows 7 installation in any computer. It is also used to tell whether the copy of windows 7 that we use is fully installed and activated. See given below screenshot my own laptop activated windows through under the given product ID.

It is advisable that we activate our windows 7 operating system so that we can use all the features that come with windows 7. With activation, we can also know if the installed windows 7 operating system is genuine or not. Once activated, we can also get all the important updates from Microsoft which minimizes the chances of malware and viruses attack. You are advised to consult a prominent computer repairer who will assist you with technical support of executing this windows 7 key activation if you can’t do it on your own.

How to activate windows 7 key

One of the most important requirements when activating windows 7 is the product key and reliable internet connectivity (direct connection or a modem). The product key is usually located inside the windows 7 package. For people who love online purchases, Microsoft usually sends the product key in a confirmation e-mail.

If you’re using a direct connection, then follow the steps outlined below to activate your operating system:

  1. Click the start button
  2. Right click on computer
  3. Click on properties
  4. Click on the ‘Activate Windows Now’ link

Windows 7 operating system will try to any identify internet connection. Once it detects, click on the ‘Activate Windows Online Now’ link. You will be prompted for an Administrator’s password for verification. If the password is correct, the system will prompt you to enter the windows 7 product key. Enter the correct key and click next. Follow the remaining instructions to complete the activation.

When using a modem to activate the same key.

  1. click start button
  2. click on computer
  3. click on properties
  4. The select activate windows now. Once you are here, you need to click show me other ways to activate link. Enter the activation key and click next. Click use a modem to connect directly to the activation service. The system will prompt you for administrator’s password for approval. From the drop down menu select your location then click next and follow the remaining instructions.

The last option of activating windows 7 product key is via the telephone. Microsoft has developed an automated phone system for people who are unable to activate their operating system online.

  1. click the start button
  2. Right click on computer
  3. click properties then click activate windows now
  4. click show me other ways to activate
  5. enter the activation key
  6. click next
  7. click use the automated phone system option
  8. Enter the administrator password
  9. Select your location from the drop down list.

Other wise you can use windows 7 activation key Product ID: 00426-OEM-8992662-00009. Call one of the phone numbers from the provided list. You will be guided by an automated system guide all through the process. If you encounter any difficulty, consult windows customer care.