700 High PR Dofollow Blog Commenting sites list

The last 5 December 2013 Thomas Schmitz wrote a valuable article about offpage SEO Factors of Search Engine Ranking. No one cannot write easily like his article, if you couldn’t read then please try to read before doing offpage SEO. I can tell from my little skills – If the blog ranking is good from where you get backlinks then your backlinks will be right properly. Take a look at under the given below column – what is the right for your blog when you get backlinks from a blog:-

  • Branding
  • Quality Content
  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Loading Speed/Server Loading time
  • And Page Rank

Domain Authority Vs Page Authority

One day one of my colleagues asked me – “How should I do for getting backlinks; Domain Authority or Page Authority?” Then I answered – I cannot get backlinks from root domain (Landing Page), so I will give priority of the blog’s page authority, because I will get backlinks from this blog page.. The reasons – my blog authority will increase if page authority is good and if my blog authority is good so my blog will increase search engines ranking.

For an example, why different of my three pages authority –

  1. Page Authority 18 – http://www.selfmadexone.com/how-to-optimize-mobile-site-for-search-engines/
  2. Page Authority 16 - http://www.selfmadexone.com/making-accessible-and-seo-friendly-text-how-to-do/

This page (1) authority is better than 2, so surely this page article is completely good.

Few days ago one of my friends told me – “Why everyone just fined high PR blogs for getting backlinks, but doesn’t give them priority the blog’s authority”. I saw some blogs of my familiar friends in Facebook, which Google page rank is 2/3/4, but every blogs Domain authority is 10/15, and Alexa rank up to million.

Simple it can be said – these blogs have just there Page Rank but not yet search engine rank. If I get backlinks from this blogs then how much I will be benefited?

There are hundreds of blog available in this world, which blogs have up to 5000 visitors per day. But DA is too low; you can check what the cause is.

I have a question from my mine – Where will you get backlinks?

Here I shows high PR with high DA & PA dofollow blog list for bloggers and online SEO worker also different categories with IPs. Let’s check your prospective niche blogs:

1) List of Commentluv blogs

a) Categories

i) Search Engine Optimization

ii) Social Media Marketing

iii) Blogging

iv) WordPress

2) List of .Edu blogs

a) Categories

i) Search Engine Optimization

ii) Social Media Marketing

iii) Blogging & Making Money

iv) WordPress

v) Business & Finance

vi) Design & Development

For an example of 10 high PR dofollow blog commenting sites list in high page authority sites.


Do you think Google PR is matter for higher search engines ranking? Matter is both when your keyword is high competitive, high domain authority assist you to get search engine ranking easily better than PR.

List of 700 Blog links included Excel sheet

large download button 700 High PR Dofollow Blog Commenting sites list

Do not forget to comments, let us know what do you think about higher rankings in SERP’s.


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