Most Addictive Android Games

We say that the Android users have plenty of games that are not only favorite, but also addictive. They range from puzzle games, titles to arcade and the action genre or perhaps the sports simulations. Every Android user has more than one game to play and in some way engrossed too many of the games. With the 500 or more Android App’s games up are more amazing and very appealing. The games automatically swallow all your spare time, often leaving you very groggy and disoriented with midnight playing as well as hours of hardcore playing. Below are examples of the addictive android games try them and enjoy the fun with your Android system.

Most Addictive Android Games

The tiny tower

Tiny Tower categorized as a cute game that is very retro tycoon game where the player works out on building a tower while enjoying the tiny tower android gamescompany of the popular cool characters. It’s more of a casual game played when free and dips out when busy for some other times play.  The game is free and its Google link is Tiny Tower, but it requires an android of more that 2.0. The game developed by Mobage hence just downloads the game and give it a try.

The fascinating Game Dev Story

selfGame Dev Story like the Tiny Tower is another famous retro title that has the tightest of gaming grips. With this technology you have to run your own games developed by owns company and creating a series of awesome games while managing a cool team of developers and high creativity.   It’s developed by the Kairosoft which still has several other titles so check the other games for more fun.  However, not free as $2.50 is required with an android of more than 1.6 to acquire and plat the game. The Google game link is the Game Dev Story hence checks it for more information on the game.

The Word Mix game

The Word Mix gameIt’s a word game where you will defiantly spend more time on playing very enjoyable and mind bending increase the fun with the game. However, the game is not free $0.99 and android of more that 1.5 and above required to acquire and play the game. The Word Mix game Google play link is the Word Mix and developed by the Resift Software’s.

Bejewelled 2 Android game

softwarebdThe next most addictive game is the bejewelled game. It’s a classic game where the gamers have the task of grouping the jewels into combination of three or more to remove them and gain points as you go ahead in the next level. Its Google link play is Bejewelled 2.

War Games: WOPR
War GamesWar Games is a puzzle game  based on a movie of the same name dating back in the 80’s.It involves linking similar icons together to build a high score and defeat the competitor which are still characters from the movie.  It’s developed by the Be-Rad Entertainment. Get War Games WOPR


The New Star Soccer

download (1)This is another of the addictive android games especially with those fans who like soccer. The new star soccer calls for one to live the life of an upcoming soccer player both in filed and off filed part of life. It a good time water game and very enjoyable.  .

 The plants and zombies game

It features the player as a farmer where you soil your plant as a group of zombies invade your home. You use the arsenal of more than 49 zombies zapping plants. Your main quest to defend the home is all the fun if the game.

Riptide GP

This Jet Ski racing game is not only addictive, but yields much brilliant fun. The game needs a hot Tegra device to run it. The game focuses on a graphics ability of a high android device as it requires a device with android 2.3. Player really gets mesmerized with the gorgeous graphics and the immerse environment. The way the splashes drip on the screen as you play the game gives a realistic wave and water dynamics. Developed by the Vector unit the game cost $1.99. Get it from the Google play link Riptide GP.

Rayman Jungle Run

It’s a game made on-to the android platform and immediately you move to the game then it will capture your attention to high addiction levels. This game is challenging given its very new and its levels and graphic are perfect for the android 2.3.3. It’s very expensive costing $3.47 and developed by Ubisoft Entertainment.

As I mentioned in this month’s the most addictive android games article (games list) will received every games lover kids, I’ve realized a lot of similarities between loved to play addictive games with his/her home work. Whether you prefer addictive games from the Google play store. This and may other game apps make up the list of android games.

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